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Eternal Love, Forever Sweetness


The founder of Lovever is fond of cooking, she is especially she good at making dessert and likes to travel around to collect different recipes.  She has gained a Diploma of French Blue Ribbon for Dessert, and a KCD Flower certificate. Around-the-world journey, eating and searching for authentic gourmet food including ingredients, to make delicate desserts.  Her sensitivity and knowledge in cooking and will certainly arose your taste buds.


Lovever, a combination of "Love" and "Forever"

created during a conversation with a friend while brainstorming the name for the shop base on people’s anticipation about love. When two people fall in love with each other, they always hope to be immersed in the love and passion forever. The kind of love and passion that is unconstrained and everlasting. This is also the principle of our shop where we hope our customers can experience all the special elements in a relationship through our products. A little bit of sour from lemon, the sweetness from chocolate and once in a while, the bittersweet of matca. Through our various collections of ingredient and product, we hope to bring customers a variety of experience like different stages in a relationship and most importantly, the feeling of love and happiness, forever.

Food Factory Licence Number: 2912805755
Shop 3C, G/F, No. 2-4, Tai Wang Street East, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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