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Since the products are all handmade, the ingredients are carefully selected imported ingredients, and the cost is relatively high because of all the staff. Our products are all individually packaged and will be packaged for you. The current discount is 5% off over 3,000.

The website can be booked for a small number of days, and does not accept urgent orders. If you encounter an inability to purchase the time, or encounter any ordering problems, welcome to what'app90480368 The little helper will reply to you during business hours. You can choose to make an appointment for pick-up or delivery in store from three days to one month.

In order to make it easier for everyone to purchase desserts, you can directly fill in the online order, which is easy to operate. After opening the page, select the flavor and quantity you like, and fill in your name, phone number, email, and more after confirming! The most important thing is to choose the pick-up date (be sure to remember to choose) in order to maintain the quality of the dessert, it will be freshly made after you place your order. There is no minimum purchase amount for self pickup. In terms of packaging, five, ten, boxed, and ribbons will be marked for you to make your gift more decent. Five or less will only be packaged in small paper bags. Every day, there are also limited stock sales in the store, so to avoid running out of space, you should try to fill in the online order to make a reservation! In addition, you can write to inquire about event cooperation, ordering of loose water cakes, wedding desserts, and customized gift boxes.Info@loveverpatisserie.comThe little helper will reply and solve your problem.

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Ordering Information:

(Please read the instructions in detail)

1. Our products are all individually packaged, more than five pieces will be provided in carton packaging to prevent collision, please rest assured to buy.
2. The boxed Dakwaz will be enclosed with ice-preserving agent and provided with a thermal insulation bag, which can be kept at room temperature for 1 hour. It is recommended to put it in the ice tray as soon as possible to prevent deterioration.
3. Since the delivery is for the call car to arrange the delivery of the driver, it is impossible to choose the exact time and minute, so you need to pay special attention! It can only be between a few hours and a few hours, please understand.
4. Changes to the pickup date shall not be delayed for more than two weeks. If it exceeds two weeks, the order will be deemed to be cancelled. Please confirm the date before placing an order.
5. If due to weather (wind, black rain) or force majeure, the order will be postponed to the next day.
6. Because all products are freshly made by hand, and the ingredients are expensive, in order to avoid unnecessary waste, no refund will be provided for cancellation after the order is established. Please think twice before placing an order.


地址: 灣仔大王東街2-4號地舖3C
營業時間: 星期一至六,11:30am - 07:30pm
電話: 9048-0368
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